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Ryder Cup Live Stream 2018 Golf Tv Channel Online

How to Watch Ryder Cup 2018 Live Stream Golf Online Tv Channel HD

If you are the big fan of the golf sport, then you will also know that the ryder cup 2018 is around the corner. The special event will happen in France so that it might give significant benefits to the European players and viewers. Ryder Cup 2018 will start on September 25 and end on 30 September. The entire event will be the on the Golf National course outside Paris.

Ryder Cup 2018
Dates: Sep 28, 2018 – Sep 30, 2018
Location Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Île-de-France, France
Venue Le Golf National, Albatros Course
Teams United States and Europe
Live Stream
Watch Here
Broadcast NBC, BBC, Sky Sports, TSN Network
Winners Updated Soon

The Ryder Cup is an international passion. There is no reason to reject the upcoming spectacle as a highly anticipated event that will gather folks around the world. For those who haven’t known, you might have a question like: What is the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is one of the most prestigious golf cups around the world. The Ryder Cup usually takes place in every two years. Ryder Cup is the high-profile trophy reward for the winners of the rivalry between the European team and the American team. The rivalry between two giant sides has provided the best moments in the golf history. This year, it won’t be an exception. Folks will stop their activity to enjoy the spectacle together with their friends and family.

For those who find the golf a relaxing and fun activity, you will be thrilled with the upcoming event tagged as Ryder Cup. No matter where you are, you will be having fun with your hordes enjoying the Ryder Cup right from your favorite screens. What you need to prepare are only your compatible device and a decent internet connection.

There have been a significant number of viewers around the world who enjoy this ryder cup live stream free.

Because of the high demand, it is fair to see that there are a lot of options that you can consider to watch ryder cup live stream. Just like any other big event, the viewers come from many countries around the world. Although the event will take place in France, it is an international event, which is fair that the viewers are not only coming from the specific countries.

It may happen with the Ryder Cup 2018, as it will take place in France. If you, for any reason, are not able to attend the venue of the Ryder Cup, there is a prevalent option for you. Your best option to catch up with the games from afar is by watching the event online. But before we go further about the options that you can have, you could consider this basic information in advance.

When and where is Ryder Cup 2018?

The competition will start on Friday, September 28th, 2018, at 7 AM BST. The event will end on Sunday, September 30th, lasting for three days. It is imperative to know that the right option of live streaming will give you full coverage of the entire event.

The 2018 Ryder Cup will happen in France. It sets this year’s Ryder Cup apart from the other Ryder Cup events. For the first time, the big event will happen at Le Golf National, Guyancourt, France. It is also only the second time that the Ryder Cup happens on the Europe continent. By far, the most frequent events have been set in the UK and Irish.

Ryder Cup 2018 TV Rights (Worldwide)

The challenge for the screen viewers is that the availability of the live stream can be dynamic from one region to another. Some areas may experience the blackout because of different policies apply in one area to another area. It is because there is a limitation on the TV rights for the ryder cup. Because of the limitation, only people who live in the coverage area can enjoy the service.

The Ryder Cup shows will much be prevalent for UK and US viewers. The officials will broadcast the Ryder Cup 2018 entire event at their official website, which is the rydercup.com. Ryder Cup also opens the doors for many streaming providers in Europe as well. That includes the Sky Sport, Canal+, Ziggo Sport, and many more. You could also follow the Ryder Cup 2018 on its social media pages to know further about the live streaming providers that broadcast the spectacle.

United States

Most folks who live in the US might have the same option to watch Ryder Cup 2018. If you are living in the US, chances are you watch the Ryder Cup 2018 on TV. The US officials ensure that the viewers have the option to watch Ryder Cup through their favorite channel. The US officials will provide live transmission of the prestigious competition through the renowned TV channels.

As mentioned the NBC is the main right holder of the event telecast. The NBC will provide stable and quality coverage to ensure that all the US viewers will have the room and space to watch the upcoming Ryder Cup 2018. Being a golf competition, after all, the full competition will also be available in your favorite clubs and bars, if the owners want to tune in the NBC when the event happens.

United Kingdom

Meanwhile, the UK viewers can stick to the prevalent services like Sky Sports and BBC. Both of the channels will provide ample quality of content for the viewers. If you are living in the UK, be sure to tune in these respective channels so that you won’t miss the spectacle.


Canada will have broadcast the Ryder Cup 2018 through the TSN Network. You can see the exact time of the broadcast at the official site of TSN. Keep in mind that the time difference applies.


For French viewers, you will be able to catch up with the Ryder Cup 2018 through Sky Sports. You can also watch ryder cup live stream via official site of Ryder Cup 2018, which is RyderCup.com. And you can follow the highlights and news through Telegraph Sport throughout the Ryder Cup competition.


If you are in Germany, you can’t go wrong by tuning into Sky Sports. You are also able to stream the games live on RyderCup.com. Or, you could follow the Telegraph Sport to follow the latest information and highlights of the competition.

2018 Ryder Cup Live online Official Channels

Here are the Channels that hold the exclusive rights to broadcast the Ryder Cup 2018:


NBC holds the full right to broadcast Ryder Cup 2018. It is the official broadcaster of the event that you can rely on. The viewers can watch Ryder Cup 2018 full in the TV through this channel. NBC also provides NBC Sports app which you can use on your Smartphone and the other mobile devices. NBC enables you to follow every match, the highlights, replays, as well as the best moments of each game. The other youthful channels are Golf Channel, FOX, CBS, PGA Tour Live, and BBC in the UK, ABC, ESPN, Sky Sports, and USA Network. These channels are available in the cable connection. If you still have TV cable at home, then it should not be a problem to enjoy the games.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports has been a popular choice for folks across the UK since the channel is providing the great contents all the time. The channel also comes with the live stream app which allows you to watch Ryder cup through your favorite devices. Sky Sports offers various matches and league across the UK. For the Ryder Cup 2018, you will also be able to catch up with the big event through the respective channel.

NBC Sports

For the subscribers of NBC, you won’t meet any difficulty to enjoy ryder cup live stream free. The channel comes with the app which you can use in your smartphone. The features are amazing and versatile. If you are a golf lover, don’t hesitate to take this option. Not only Ryder Cup 2018, you will also be able to enjoy the other spectacles of golf as well.


It is an official option that you can take if you are waiting for this big event. This app can be the best choice if you want to watch the Ryder Cup 2018 while on the go. As mentioned, one of the challenges for the viewer is the geo-restrictions policies coming from all channels. No matter where you are, you can use this service. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Golf Channel

Golf Channel, as the name suggests, provides the coverage of the Ryder Cup 2018. It can be the good option for you if you want to enjoy the full entertainment of the golf sports. Through this channel, you can also watch the recorded games of every event anywhere, anytime. That can be beneficial if you miss any game you want to watch.

How to Watch 2018 Ryder Cup Live Online

Here is How to Watch Ryder Cup 2018 Live Stream Online. One of the most often asked questions is how to watch ryder cup. The good thing is that this year, the cord-cutters will have plenty of options to watch their favorite golfers on their favorite screens. If you are not able to attend the venue, or you just plug your cable out, then live streaming would be the best option for you. No matter where you are, you are able to catch up with the spectacle as long as you have the compatible device and decent internet connection.

Just like any other big sports competition, Ryder Cup officials give plenty of options for the cord-cutters who want to enjoy ryder cup live stream free right from anywhere, anytime. There is no big surprise. The live streaming is a service which makes all the viewers feel comfortable, more especially those who can’t make it to the venue.

There is no restriction of a certain location of the viewers to enjoy the streaming service. The thing is that each country has a different provider. And most of the media streaming services limit the usages of their service based on the clients’ location. The geo-restricted live streaming services can be a nuisance if you are not living in the coverage area. But you can actually outsmart their system with the help of VPN. We will explain this thing later in this article.

On Cable

On cable live streaming option means the live streaming service which is available for you if you already subscribe to specific TV cable service. Your cable provider will provide the channel which telecast the live action of the Ryder Cup 2018 and offers you to access the content through your mobile devices. In this case, you will want to choose the prevalent service for you. If you are living in the US, you won’t have any problem if you have subscribed to the NBC channel.

Without a cable

“Without a cable” means that you won’t need to subscribe to any cable service to enjoy the Ryder Cup 2018. The prevalent live streaming service is called media streaming services. These services provide high-quality live streaming service for cord-cutters who want to enjoy the content anywhere, anytime they want. There are hundreds of streaming services that you can use. But you probably don’t have time to try them all one by one. Exploring the best options is something that you’d want to do to find the best option to live stream the Ryder Cup 2018. But you don’t have to waste your time in exploring. Instead, you could consider our recommendations below.


FuboTV has been a popular choice amongst the sports lovers because this media streaming provider provides the best sports channels in HD quality. There is no cable required to enjoy this service. FuboTV is the excellent service that broadcasts the Live TV over the internet. It has been providing fantasy sports content for viewers around the world. Through this service, you will be able to watch your favorite golfer, teams, and shows. You can also enjoy the on-demand entertainment as well as TV series. FuboTV provides NBC, FOX, and CBS, amongst the other premium channels. That means you will have full coverage of the Ryder Cup 2018 without any hassle. The FuboTV is available in the US, Canda, and Spain. Keep in mind that the prices can be different from one country to another.if you are living in one of those countries; you will have no problem in subscribing the service.

The good thing about FuboTV is that you can also record the games that you miss up to 30 hours. If you think that you can’t make it watch ryder cup on time, you could use its Cloud DVR space to store the missing moments for you. As mentioned, the price can be different. But in the US, it costs you $39.99 per month. There will be no contract and you can cancel at any time without paying a single dime. You can also watch FuboTV on various devices including your PC, Android smartphone, Roku, Apple TV, and other compatible devices.

You can also access the FuboTV on your TV through Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and many more.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is currently one of the best options to watch Ryder cup live stream on many devices. It provides a lot of options for the local, broadcast, as well as on-demand content from the top channels networks. Obviously, it also provides NBCUniversal wherein you could watch the Ryder Cup 2018 from your favorite screen.

It costs you around thirty bucks for a basic package that includes NBC as the US broadcaster. But you can also access this service anywhere you want with the help of the VPN. As we know, some media streaming services out there limit the coverage area by the locations. Sony has been doing a great job in improving the features and services of the PlayStation Vue. If you are console user, don’t hesitate to use this service to watch Ryder Cup 2018. It is also available in the international territories. Only a few locations are limited. But no worries, you could use your VPN service to unblock the service.

DirecTV Now

In the DirecTV Now, you can enjoy Golf Channel HD. Cord-cutters will have tons of options to watch their favorite sports event, DirecTV Now is one of the most prevalent options that you can use too. With DirecTV Now, you can say goodbye to your current cable tv provider. The service does not come with contracts or hardware. All you need to prepare is just your decent internet connection and your compatible devices to access the services. This year Ryder Cup will also be available in HD. This option will give everything you need to enjoy a fantastic experience of the golf event. Starting at $40 per month, the pricing is affordable for most folks. You could also try its 7-day free trial if you need more time to assess the service.


You can see the golf events like never before. DIRECTV has been evolving from year to year. It expands the Live coverage of every golf major and top PGA tour events, including the upcoming Ryder Cup. Whether you are watching at home, your grandma’s home, or office, the DIRECTV will give you the freedom to watch Ryder Cup 2018 right from your convenient seat. You can enjoy the content with a press of a button.

Through this option, you will also have the access to the Leaderboard, Scorecard, and videos on-demand with a single button.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is a different thing with Hulu. Hulu with Live TV allows you to watch the Ryder Cup 2018 live and other on-demand TV from top 50+ channels. The streaming service has been the prevalent choice because of its availability in many countries. Consider using this one if you are not up to other option.

Sling TV

Sling TV has been the top of choice amongst the sports lovers. That includes the Golf sports lovers as well. The channels have the Sports Extra, which offers the golf sports events as well. To enjoy the Ryder Cup 2018, you will want to order the Sling Blue package.

YouTube TV

If you use Youtube a lot, you will be familiar with the YouTube TV option. Youtube TV includes popular channels which broadcast popular shows, including NBC to broadcast the Ryder Cup 2018. It has been a prevalent choice for those who seek the HD quality with a stable connection.

The good thing about YouTube TV is that once you become a subscriber of the service, you are able to stream multiple devices at once (maximal 3). However, 1 YouTube TV account is accessible for six user accounts. This feature alone will allow you to create the profile based on your preferences and set up your own DVR libraries which can improve the experience of watching ryder cup 2018 live stream. It is currently available in limited areas. But rest assured that you can unblock the restriction by using your reliable VPN service.

Way to watch Ryder Cup 2018 Live stream free Online

FuboTV is by far the best way to watch Ryder Cup 2018 live stream free online. Although the premium service can cost you thirty bucks something per month, you can use its free 7-day trial to assess its quality. And when you turn the free trial on later on the date of the event, you will have the opportunity to watch Ryder Cup 2018 for free, without paying a single dime!

FuboTV is definitely a prevalent choice for you. You won’t have to use the cable to watch the upcoming big event. Watch your favorite team’s right through this service with HD quality. And you will never change your option again. Plus, FuboTV also has the FOX, NBC, CBS, and other premium channels included in its basic package. Imagine how many perks that you can enjoy from this media streaming service. Even better, you don’t have to sign a contract to use the 7-day free trial as the new member. Please keep in mind that the free trial is only available for new users. If you have been there, you might need to register under a different name to make it work.

Watch Ryder Cup on Roku, Fire TV, KODI or Chromecast (Guide)

Watching through TV box devices will also be the prevalent choice for you. Since we know that the access is available only to the participating countries, it is harder for all the fans around the world to enjoy the tournament. To break the barriers, the TV box devices like KODI, Fire TV, Roku, or Chromecast can be the solution for you.

But to be able to watch the Ryder Cup 2018 through these devices, you will need to subscribe the media streaming services like FuboTV, Sling TV, DirecTV, etc. But rest assured since you can use FuboTV free trial to enjoy Ryder Cup 2018 without paying a single dime.

How to watch 42nd Ryder Cup live without cable from anywhere?

If you want to watch 42ndryder cup 2018 live stream anywhere you want, your best option is the media streaming services. To unblock the restriction, there is nothing better than using the VPN service. These VPN services will help you to unblock the geo-restriction by changing your current IP address.


You can use the VPN services in your mobile apps for iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and other compatible devices. The VPN services can come in handy to all viewers around the world. With the help of the VPN, you are able to access the golf channels without restriction. When the media streaming services see the strange or foreign IP, it wills geo-block you. VPN will help you to bypass the block by routing the traffic through it. Choose the best VPN service. If it is the first time for you, consider looking at the reviews of the VPN services in advance purchasing the package.

Using Smart DNS Proxies

If your internet service provider uses dynamic IP, chances are you won’t enjoy stable connection when streaming Ryder Cup. Use the Smart DNS Proxies for stable connection.

Ryder Cup 2018 live Free on Social Media

If you are using social media a lot (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube), then this option can also be a consideration. Some of the providers will share valuable contents on social media platforms too. You will get the highlight, updates, news and other interesting content for free. But you won’t be watching the Ryder Cup live. If you are okay with the highlights and recent news, then it should be a good option for you.

Ryder Cup 2018 Teams

United States Team

Ryder Cup has appointed eight players who fairly qualified for the Ryder Cup based on their finishing position in the US PGA Championship. They are Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Patrick Reed, Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Webb Simpson. The other names will be available closer to the date of the event.

Europe Team

The eight automatic qualifiers are: Thorbjorn Olesen joins Francesco Molinari, Justin Rose, Tyrrell Hatton, Tommy Fleetwood, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, and Alex Noren. The rest names will also be available closer to the date of the event.


You can see the Ryder Cup standings at the official site. https://www.rydercup.com/rankings


Just like previous Ryder Cup, many people are more believing that US Team will win the rivalry. You could see the details of the prediction through the official sites.

The critical info you need to know

Here is what you need to know before watching Ryder Cup 2018


The Ryder Cup competition is a prestigious golf competition which happens annually. The Ryder Cup is a renowned event which involves the best-selected teams from Europe and the United States.

How The Ryder Cup Teams Are Made

The selection process of the Ryder Cup teams has been evolving from year to year. There are always variations in each year of selection. Back then, the committee had the right to select the teams who would play in the Ryder Cup event. Then a small number of players are assigned by the captain.

In 2014, both teams have nine players qualifying based on their finishing position in the performances. Then captain will choose three remaining players at their discretion. The 2016 Ryder Cup qualification system was the same but with a different number of the selections. The captain pick was up to four. The captain also picked the last players less than a week before the Ryder Cup. It is because they could only make a decision after the finishing of the Tour Championship.

This year is the same with 2016 only the difference is the qualified players increase to eight players. And the rest four players will be available before the event happens.

How does a team win the Ryder Cup?

It is up to the teams to decide who is going to play in the 28 matches across three days and five match-play sessions. The captain is the key role in deciding who’s going to play. The winning team will reach one point per win. Whichever team who reaches 14 1/2 points first wins the Ryder Cup. So, it is a battle for attaining the required points fast. If the outcome is drawn, the previous Cup holder will retain it. US team was the 2016 Ryder Cup holder. So, they will hold the cup if the outcome is drawn.

Ryder Cup 2018 FAQ

How to watch Ryder Cup 2018 for free?

Basically, you can watch Ryder cup 2018 live stream for free if you are living in the US and have TV cable. For cord-cutters, consider using media streaming services.

My location is geo-restricted. How to deal with it?

You could use a VPN service to unblock the restriction. Choose the best VPN service and unblock the services now.

What is the best media streaming services, provider?

By far, we can recommend you FuboTV since it also offers 7-day free trial. We suggest you take this trial since you are able to watch Ryder Cup for free.

Ryder Cup Results

The result will be available when the event happens. So, make sure you go back to this page to see the live updates.

Final Words

There you have it! It is a rich and long article to read but worth every second of your time. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who also want to watch Ryder Cup 2018. Good luck!